Notes from the Founder: Following Your Authentic Path

We hear a lot about being authentic, even though it can be vulnerable and scary!  We have not had a ton of support in our families, upbringing or society to just show up as ourselves fully and have it be okay. So why the heck would we even embark on the discovery journey of authenticity? At first it can feel unnatural, scary and isolating. It can feel confusing in knowing what IS real for us, how to communicate to others and how to live it out in our choices. Ultimately, the journey is worth it- all the steps along the way teach us. The steps of exploration teach us what feels good to us and what doesn’t. What we really want and what we don’t want. What we were born for and what we can let go of. We gain lots of clarity from this process naturally but as we go there’s nothing like having support on the journey. I couldn’t truly shift from confusion to clarity, from holding back to being seen, from doing nothing to making an empowering authentic choice in my life without the unconditional love from my TRIBE of Real Life Book Club. The real connection I experience with Real Life Book Club, my friends, mentors and the entire community who love and accept me for all I am, as I grow, change and become MORE of who I am is PRICELESS. We also have a lot of fun brainstorming and giving each other gentle feedback, insights of what we are seeing….its a true giving and receiving connection of recognizing that we are all in this together on this messy path learning to embrace our own authenticity. We... read more

Notes from the Founder on Women Connections

This time last year I was working on letting my close girlfriends closer. You see, for years and years I didn’t trust my fellow woman, especially mentors or leaders. A woman I looked up to growing up, idolized and loved betrayed my trust and hurt me when I was 15. I closed myself off to my women friends in different ways until just a few years ago. I learned to break down those sneaky walls of mistrust and isolation with the help of safe, guided spaces and experiences for women and I saw the benefits were so great, that I created Real Life Book Club to give this gift to even more women. Through RLBC, I learned to cultivate healthy, trusting and balanced friendships. I’m so grateful I received this practice from RLBC because it was tougher to live this life and run a business without my close girlfriends! It was less rich, less joyful, less fun! Vulnerability does take practice though. In the real world, it doesn’t always feel safe like it does in our experiences in RLBC or the Socials. Think of your relationship with men, or with your family, or certain friends….it can scary to open up, express and just be YOU! As we learn and practice in RLBC and Socials to discover, own, and express our authentic selves the results DO overflow into our real lives. We begin to attract more people who love and accept us for who we are. We feel more integrated in our everyday lives. We feel freer because we can express ourselves and desires more fully knowing that it’s okay to do so. Sometimes, the light... read more

The Studio Highlight: Susannah Campora

Why did you start Real Life Book Club? Before beginning Real Life Book Club, I myself had experienced encouragement, inspiration, and awesome relationships that came from engaging in an organized women’s group for years, and I really desired to share it the experience with others.

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