What is Real Life Book Club?

In REAL Life Book Club, women read personal-growth books & gather to be more empowered, connected, real & inspired in our everyday lives. 

In this experience, thoughtfully guided by a trained leader, a 6 week book club session will give you what you have been looking for in your life:

  • deeper connection with your true self and others,
  • practicing authentic expression,
  • inspiration and growth,
  • gentle accountability,
  • caring community of diverse women,
  • more consistent book-reading (the hottest personal-growth books out there)

Real Life Book Club is a nationally expanding company that makes personal development and supportive community more accessible, affordable, effective, personal and attractive for the busy, modern-day woman.

There truly is nothing out there like it, and the participants are calling it “a healthy addiction” and the “highlight of the week”!

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Stay In Touch

When you sign up for a 6 week session (5 weeks for virtual), you meet once a week for 1.5 hours with your leader and group, have reading and connection in between, and all the following:

  • new friendships
  • new resources for your growth
  • meet an expert (maybe the author!)
  • surprises along the way
  • a celebration at the end
  • self love & care….time just for you
  • new connections and opportunities
  • enhanced relationships & communication in life
  • opportunity for VIP invites to parties & events
  • be a part of an exclusive supportive Facebook community
  • guidance on your journey in discovering what you want, who you are, what you love
  • opportunity for cultivating  leadership, business, spiritual, health and wellness development
  • opportunity for fun discounts from partners of REAL Life Book Club
  • one-on-one time with the leader

Real Life Socials

An evening in Denver where REAL happens….real connection, community, and collaboration!

Click here to learn more about Real Life Socials and register! Seats sell out quickly!

We are in Denver and Wichita now, and would love to expand to your city…contact us below for interest:



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